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Le Zoie was born from a passion for tradition, goldsmithing and Venetian traditional crafts and outstanding craftsmanship.

Since 2001, Le Zoie has been designing and creating fine and unique jewelry. From the very beginning, the founder witnessed the creation of jewelry and the processing of diamonds and precious stones, learning a profession and its secrets. The tradition expressed in all Le Zoie jewelry represents a unique style, created with passion and attention to detail. It is a philosophy that is shared and gives life to Le Zoie jewelry, still handcrafted in Venice today by local artisans.


Michele Dal Bon was born in 1966 in Venice. He showed a strong artistic inclination from a young age and, after leaving school, worked in various sectors of industrial commerce and in some glassworks in Venice and Murano. He began working with his father in the jewelry business, developing a passion for gems and art with the goal of opening his own store, which he founded in 1994. In the same year, he entered the Faculty of History of Art and Goldsmithing at Ca’ Foscari but did not finish his studies because he was completely absorbed by the new business. He attended goldsmith modeling courses at the IRIGEM in Rosà di Vicenza and specialized in gemology at the Gemological Institute of America in Vicenza. In 1995, he created jewelry for the Teatro La Fenice, and the following year, he became a member of the expert commission of the Chamber of Commerce of Venice, acquiring important famous and antique jewelry. In 1997, he attended a marketing course dedicated to jewelry at SDA Bocconi in Milan, where he met the best Italian managers in the sector. He studied the works of Carlo Scarpa and was passionate about antiques, design, and art history. From these passions, the TRENTAPEDIECI and GLASS THOUGHTS collections were born.


I believe that what distinguishes Le Zoie is a strong identity, handmade production with respect for tradition, explorations in architectural design, and great passion.”

Michele Dal Bon

Le Zoie is a brand inspired by Venice, its architecture, and its history that creatively reinterprets Venice and Venetian craftsmanship through original and extraordinary jewellery.

Each Le Zoie design is crafted by hand in studio in Venice, Italy.

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